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Administrative Group of Russian Abstractionist Union prepares sponsorship package for the All-Russian contest "The positive image of Russian character "Tricolor" in the abstract."


Russian Abstractionist Union prepares to host the Annual National Competition positive image of Russian symbolism "Tricolor" in the abstract " in the events of 2014 . Declared the Year of Culture of the Russian Federation and the implementation of the State program "Patriotic Education of Citizens of the Russian Federation for 2011-2015"

The terms of the contest can be found in the "Contest ."


Sergey Kupriyanov visited the exhibition "Classical abstraction", ART PLAY, running at March 13-16, 2014. Curator David A. Babayan.

About Union

Kupriyanov Sergey Petrovich
President of the Russian Abstractionist Union,
Professor of teaching PR
European Institute (Paris-Brussels-Moscow)

Open Letter

Dear ladies and gentlemen! Painters of the Abstract Art!


We opened the Russian Abstractionist Union (Sabros) for you! This is a non-profit public organization. Our basic principles are:

- Return the Russian avant-garde abstract art in world culture.

- Promote and develop abstract art in Russia.

- Create a work of high artistic level, observing the spiritual and moral purity .

We are all working on a voluntary basis. Enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals of abstract art. Our organization also includes a commercial structure called LLC "Sabros".

We also plan to sell works of painters via our another project - together with the National Foundation of Abstract Art.

Group of advertising companies "V.G.I.K.-Art" will help to advertise Russian Abstractionist Union website and will help to shoot various tv-commercials and movies.

We will not take dues, we will work only with sponsors.

You can actively involve in the work of our Russian Abstractionist Union!

You will see a new exhibitions, contests, auctions and many more! We will be waiting for you!

Good luck!


Sincerely yours,

Sergey Kupriyanov.

President of the Russian Abstractionist Union


Article in the magazine "Izograph."

Chief Editor - Yuri Leonov



YL: Why did you choose our magazine "Nash Izograph?"

SP: First of all, you are working as a creative publication in the market of Art for more than 15 years. Secondly, the variety that you cover in the magazine "Nash Izograph", attracts a wide audience.
Thirdly, I personally, read you publications with great pleasure.

YL: Thank You.


YL: How did the idea of creating the Russian Abstractionist Union (Sabros) come from?

SP: The idea, as they sayd - floating in the air. Once, in the David Roux workbench, we ve talked about the prospects for the development of abstract art in Russia. And then we decided to create a section of abstract art with David Alekseevich from the TSHR and its offspring was - the creative association DAVIDGROUP, which operates in Moscow novadays. Russian Abstractionist Union - is a broader framework encompassing the whole of Russia with their goals and objectives.


YL : What are the main objectives of the Russian Abstractionist Union?

SP : I guess you could answer that question briefly the words from our Manifesto. We as followers of Wassily Kandinsky and Kazimir Malevich commit to:

- To promote and develop abstract art in Russia ;

- Return Russian abstract art back to the forefront of world culture ;

- To create works of highly level , respecting the spiritual and moral purity ;

Objectives: Help artists - abstractionist on realization (or sale) of their works, conducting auctions, contests and exhibitions. And we want to help with promotion of our Union members.


YL : What is Your plans?

SP : First of all, the development of the branches of the Russian Abstractionist Union. Then Development of a franchise system that will be used throughout Russia, in each branch.

We intend to cooperate with other unions, creative associations and galleries. In 2014 we plan to prepare a series of films, together with one of the Russian TV channels and one foreign channels (USA). Duration of 13 minutes - about the modern Russian abstractionist.

We plan to develop our own information fields that will hold Russian competitions on the Internet and holding exhibitions in the other countries (USA , China , Germany).


YL: Do you plan are there any exhibitions in Russia?

SP: Not yet. But if someone from the curators will offer a good idea, we will not refuse. Now we keeped accurate positioning, bright motivation, information and creative component.


YL : Russian Art bought poorly today. You said that the Union will assist in the implementation of the artist works .

SP : Before opening the Union, we have carefully analyzed the situation in the art market. It is almost there .... Except for one sale of the collection of nonconformist Tabakov. Abramovich bought. In 2013. we analyzed the online shopping of 57 sites, and auctions (about 5 sites), their pricing, information platforms, the popularity of his artist, audience, which can buy modern art.

On that basis, we have developed a specific system of sales. For example, we opened a site, which access only at special password code and wealthy target audience. On this site artists may sold a collection of their paintings and individual works. All non-cash. Pay taxes. No claims to the buyer, or to us no no, officially and secretly. That's our motto - "Success in business - the most interesting for of art" (Andy Warhol).


YL: I know that you are a member of the TSHR section of abstract art.

SP: Yes, I spent two years participated in almost all event-sections of the abstract art. Every month for two years long i provide financial sponsorship to th section. I take this opportunity thanks to David  Alexeyevich Babayan - section chief of abstract art for its tolerance to me, wisdom, and also thank all the members of the section. Thank you!


YL: Thank you. I wish your success on the Russian Abstractionist Union project. Please continue your continuous creative and organizational activities.

SP: So be it! Thank you!